Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage Websites

Lately I have come across these vintage inspired websites that I absolutely adore. Long Beach caters to a lot of vintage and thrift stores that I have been searching out and it has inspired me to dab in vintage/retro design style. Here are some of my findings.

I am always drawn to line art. The color usage and the rustic background balance each other out and you can see the inspiration of the line art comes from the shape of the light in the left hand picture.

The play on color and photography work great here. The texture in the background adds to the vintage effect, the touch with the buttons is very creative.

Here is another play on photography and color. The red and white gives it that 50's era style, this image takes me home to looking at old memories of my grandmother's working in the kitchen. It was just the other day that I was scanning through my grandma's recipes and came across "war time sugar cookies"

My favorite color combination are blues and browns which is why I'm sure this image popped out at me. The pattern in the background is similar to that of old wallpaper.

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