Friday, October 22, 2010

Art Projects

Today I am home sick trying to get some more rest.  I say "more" rest because I am 8 weeks pregnant!  I have been sleeping 9 hours + a night, but still feel sluggish and drained. I am very blessed not to have morning sickness, thank God.  I am looking forward to this next stage of life and can't wait to make new projects for our newborn.

Here are some projects that I have been conquering around the house that I have mentioned in previous posts.  I found this incredible beautiful fabric to make pillows and am happy with they way they came out and bring a fresh new color into the living room.

To also bring some more color into the room I sewed these coasters.  I was concerned with the fabric absorbing too much water so I made these coasters out of placemats.  Placemats already have the extra coating that you need.

I had a bunch of frames that I was ready to get rid of, but came across an idea to match the candle holders with gold accents on my mantel.  I painted the frames with gold and filled them with my pictures I took in Japan and placed them in a organized clutter on the wall. I am very happy with the result.

One other facelift I worked with was in our bathroom.  To compliment the vintage pin up poster that my husband and I found at the Long Beach Flee Market I chose to paint one wall with matte and gloss stripes to create the effect.

Now that we are expecting a baby we have to start thinking about rearranging furniture and ideas for the baby room.  One of my ideas is to refurnish a lot of the furniture that we have in order to save money and have creative pieces.  I found this beautiful chair at the Long Beach Flee Market last weekend to use as my desk chair.  I can not wait to repaint and reupholster it.  Finished pictures to come..

I am also still working on refacing my blog, please be patient with me. Have a great weekend!

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