Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiration for design at Hearst Castle

Although extremely busy with projects, I made the time to get out of town this last Christmas break with my husband.  We spent New Years in beautiful Cambria and visited the Hearst Castle.  It is an amazing and gorgeous place that if you get the chance you should see it for yourself.  
Working with architect Julia Morgan, William Randolph Hearst created this dream vision of his home here in Central California.  Similar to myself Mr. Hearst was constantly changing his mind about his design ideas. By the time he passed he was only 60% finished with his vision.
The interior of Hearst Castle is filled with all kinds of artwork.  He would find artifacts from all over the world to incorporate in his home, such as ceilings from Italy and tapestries that he would hang from the walls from the Renaissance period.  At the end of the tour we were walking on gold literally.  The Roman Pool had 1" square mosaic tiles in blue and gold (real gold leaf) decorating the entire room, along with 8 statues carved in 1930 by Carlo Freter in Pietrasanta, Italy.  
The castle is a magical place and I am looking forward to going back someday to take a different tour and learn more about his design ideas. Here are some pictures that I wanted to share, I apologize that some of them are blurry, we weren't allowed to use flash and the lighting was very dim.

I was impressed by the graphic pattern in this ceiling and all of the hard work that someone had to hand carve, it seems perfect.

Could you imagine laying all of this tile?  

I've never seen gold flake tile in my life. 

I definitely do not feel like I am in California when I am  looking at this pool.  

One of the many tapestries that were hung on the walls, Mr Hearst loved decorating with wall tapestries

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