Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekend is upon us

Happy Friday once again! Looks like it's going to be all clear this weekend. It will definitely be a nice sunny change. So Saturday I am going to experience my first Roller Derby match. I met some of the Long Beach Roller girls last weekend, a little vintage..a little hardcore. I am excited to witness their competitiveness on the rink. While I was researching the sport I couldn't help but notice all of the vintage posters and graphics I came along and had to share.

These will be the girls that I will be watching on Sat.

I came across these posters below on

Saved the best for last. This poster was created by Gavin de Lint and found on which showcases different illustrators and graphic artists. Gavin's illustrative skills are predominant in his work, his use of lines and detail are extraordinary.


Gavin de Lint said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words! Have fun at the bouts.

Mindezigns said...

Thank you! It was fun, looking forward to the next one.