Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Outside the graphic design box

This week's post is about my next home design project. I realize that this is off of the beaten path of my graphic design work, but this is my next project that I am eager to share and get feedback on. Decorating our condo brings me away from the day to day graphic stuff. I'm not trying to say in any means that I have any sort of interior design experience. It's just another way to bring creativity into the home. If you are interested in interior design, you should check out my friends site at Yolksy.

My husband and I have been in the process of remodeling our condo that we purchased a year ago and as always it's an ongoing project. Next project is a Kitchen Backsplash. It has been a lot of fun looking for ideas and the different patterns and colors. My focus is teal based colors to kind of brighten up the kitchen a bit. I have been pulling inspiration from all kinds of designers and here are some that I have come across.

From the Susan Jablon Mosaics collection, this backsplash is different and modern. It brings a funkiness to the kitchen.

I am not completely sure how this is created, but I love the originality. Photo from Kitchen Tile Backsplashes Blog.

This is slightly what we are going for, except a little more in the green spectrum. Photo from Kitchen Tile Backsplashes Blog.

This is my absolute favorite of the bunch, I have not seen anything like it and the orange and blue contrast colors look perfect together. This tile is all made from recycled glass at Stardust Glass.

I love these bright colors, it reminds me a lot of Skittles or Tetris. This is Spectralight Dragonfire from the Susan Jablon Mosaic Collection. You may have seen a collection similar to this on the show Hell's Kitchen.

I like the clean lines and the slight touch of color.
Photo courtesy of Fairfax Manassas Burke Va

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